The trusted partner you need to transform or expand your business.


Executive on Retainer




Short-term Projects


The trusted partner you need to transform or expand your business.


Executive on Retainer




Short-term Projects

"The training was great as it helps us to get a Strategy on a single page that will help lead the discussion on developing/gaining approval for our go forward work. This also is beneficial as it helps to get all of the various category managers working/developing strategies in the same manner and doing things in a similar fashion. ”


Category Manager, Strategy Development Training
Kimball International

“I really enjoyed the hands-on piece where we got to delve into the examples and craft real-world concept statements that will eventually be put into the field.”


Product Manager, concept development Training & Workshop

“Well structured providing good clarity on the way business decisions are impacting the P&L. Good interactivity in the working groups ”


Manager, Finance Training
Owens Minor

“My company has been on a successful growth track for the past few years. Since Kristine has become our fractional CMO, we have created a long-term strategy, developed a 3-year product funnel and we have a clear roadmap on how to achieve our growth targets. She has brought senior executive expertise to our organization and yet the fractional relationship allows us to scale the role on our own terms.”


Jess Ekstrom
Founder of Happy Camper

“To run a startup or growing company you need to have many talents and wear many hats. Often it is a talent or hat you don’t currently have. That is where C-Sweet came in for us. It is great having an extension of resources where we are spread thin. It is even better to have access to expertise and talents where we have gaps”


Wayne Weber
CEO, Gift of College

the trusted partner  you need.

At C-Sweet, we have a seasoned team of experts ready to integrate within your teams to enhance & build the capabilities of your organization. We can provide fresh talent without the commitment of a full-time hire. We got you covered whenever you need us.

Executive on Retainer

Expand your team by hiring a trusted partner to sit on your C-Suite.


Build the capabilities and competencies of your organization through training programs purpose-built for your needs. 

Short-Term Projects

Hire a team of experts to deliver one-off tasks.

Recognizing the time to pivot


You have a thriving business and it’s become clear you need to adapt in order to continue your current growth trajectory.

Drive growth with your
current structure

Be efficient

Know who’s accountable
and who does what

Achieve your vision with
current capabilities

Select your next executive
who best fits your company’s
need and fills a skills gap


Your organization is ripe for change and you’ve identified the areas in need of improvement.

Design or implement
a NEW stategy

Unlock $ to maximize your profit
and growth potential

Clear the way for a more efficient
& nimble organization

Design an organizational model
to support your new strategy

Hire a fractional executive who is
experienced in the change management
you are looking to accomplish

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We are a trusted partner who serves as the extension of your leadership team.

Get Role Clarity

When a new role is needed, the capabilities and type of expertise might not be immediately clear. Fresh eyes can help determine what skillsets would benefit you in the long-run.

Avoid Unnecessary Cost

Choosing the wrong C-hire for your team can have significant consequences. A bad hire costs time and money.

Pivotal Time

A C-Sweet partner at your fingertips means greater flexibility. We provide support only when you need it, keeping your executive team fresh and agile – on your terms.

The average tenure of a CMO is 3.5 years – the lowest of any C-Suite executive. The tenure continues to decline and is at its lowest point in 10 years

Experts estimate the cost of a bad executive hire can range from 5-15xs salary.

The culture effect of a bad hire can result in the loss of up to 5 of your high potential executive talents. This is your future leadership.


Chief Marketing Officer

A dedicated marketing professional.

Innovation and brand building are the lifeline of your organization. We help enhance your marketing team through the development of sound marketing plans and capability building. By introducing new ways of working, we increase the efficiency in execution and decision making.

Your C-Sweet partner can help you develop the growth plans required to achieve your desired results – whether it’s new markets, geography and category expansion, or a new functional focus.

Chief Transformation Officer

A transformation expert.

You need to reshape your organization to unlock trapped costs and re-invest them into initiatives that drive your strategy. We can help analyze your businesses and identify areas to unlock the potential of your team and your business.

Chief Strategy Officer

A partner in strategy creation and implementation.

You’ve identified the need for a new plan to deliver your ambition. Our strategy experts will audit your current strategy and results then help you create an achievable game plan that leverages your capabilities to ensure you win in the marketplace.

Chief Insights Officer

Translating consumer insights into action.

You’re ready to understand what influences your consumers to take action. Our team of consumer insight experts can gather valuable consumer and market data to provide your organization a deeper understanding of how your consumers think and what influences them through their purchasing journey. Our team will help you interpret the data and insights to help improve your product development funnel and business growth strategies.

Chief of Staff

Talent Strategy.

In the midst of organizational change (centralized to decentralized, direct to matrix, or the addition of a new functional expertise, such as e-commerce of consumer insights), C-Sweet can help you assess your organizational structure and talent to ensure you have the right people with the right talent to thrive within your strategy.

We’ve done the job.

At C-Sweet we have worked in executive roles across multiple organizations during pivotal times of expansion and transformation. We’ve learned the lessons of what works and what doesn’t. We partner with you to help your organization achieve your vision.

Think of us as a C-suite member on retainer: here when you need us and not when you don’t.

We can flex between big or small; we’ve both held leadership roles in large organizations and have owned our own businesses.

our clients

our clients

We have worked directly with over 50 brands globally in CPG,B2B, and Start Ups and can bring proven strategies and plans to deliver results.

We have deep expertise across multiple industries and are here to provide fresh thinking to your business.

Our collective experience and collaborative approach provide you with a cost-effective way to access top talent.

Hiring a new executive is complicated.

It is an expensive
hire (and fire).

Often there is a lack of clarity on the ideal candidate profile.

It will demotivate your team when it’s not a good fit.

Your culture
is at stake.

You risk
harming morale

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Fractional Executive

Why a virtual executive may be the best hire you can make.
By Kristine Sickels

A fractional executive gives you the expertise that you need at a fraction of the cost.


C-Sweet is here to be a trusted partner for your executive team & elevate your organization.
You’ve identified your organization is at a pivotal time and are looking to add a trusted partner who can be an extension of your executive team. Hiring can be complicated and costly. Often it feels like the “right” person just doesn’t exist. At C-Sweet, we’re here to help. We’ve created partnership packages to help your organization grow.


Schedule an intro call to
explain your specific
organizational needs.


Hire a C-Sweet executive
on retainer or to support
a specific project.


Gain a trusted partner
as an extension of your
executive team.

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recent blog posts

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